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Get the Most out of Vehicle Signage for Your Business

Contractor Putting Signage To A Car
As a small business, making the best use of your limited advertising budget is vital to success. And your company or personal vehicles can be a big part of that advertising. But how can you make the best use of these resources to generate leads and income? Here are a few tips anyone can apply no matter what type of business they have.

1. Define the Goal

When it comes to adding signage to any vehicle, the first step is deciding what your goal is for that signage.
What type of business personality do you want to present? Do you want to seem authoritative, fun, or creative? Then you'll need to work that into your signs. Do you provide a service that's particularly valuable in your market? You may want to highlight this on vehicle signs. Are you just looking to boost awareness? Then you may not need much more than your logo and website address. 

2. Fit Your Budget

Before you get too far in the planning process, assess your budget for this project. Today's business owners have many options, so you don't have to spend a fortune to make a good impact. But you also don't want to overspend, such as by getting a full vehicle wrap for one car and not having money left to put signage on any other cars. 
By deciding on a vehicle advertising budget in advance, you can better tailor your efforts to elements which you can afford and which will get you the most bang for your buck. 

3. Don't Get Wordy

Less is more, especially when it comes to mobile signs that often quickly pass by people or may be partially hidden in parking lots. Start with the most basic aspects of what you want to tell people — usually just a name, logo, and way to get in contact with you. Depending on your goals established above, you may want to add a simple running offer ("25% off your first visit!") or your motto. 
After the basic elements, rethink everything that you want to put on your signage. Cramming more words could force you to make the font smaller, be hard to read in traffic, or distract from your main theme.
You'll also want to avoid fonts that are too fancy and adding too many details that become bothersome to read. 

4. Appear Professional

Once you place a business sign on a car, that car becomes an integral part of how customers view your business 24 hours a day. How does the vehicle appear to an objective third party? Is it clean and presentable at all times? Is it filled with junk food wrappers and business receipts? Are your teenagers taking it to parties that get out of hand?
On the other hand, if you add lots of bold or controversial business signs, will the car still be appropriate to take a family wedding or drive Grandma to church on Sunday in? Business owners who don't have another vehicle available for personal use may want to keep the car signs polite and minimalist. 

5. Be Visible

Now that you have a great sign on your car or truck, get it out there where potential customers can see it. Park the vehicle near entrances to busy stores where customers pass your car on their way in and out and leave it in front of customers' houses (with their permission) instead of hidden in the driveway. If you have signs only on certain parts of the vehicle, keep those sides more visible as you go about your own daily affairs. 
Planning the best use of vehicle signs involves knowing what you want to accomplish and how you can best use these signs to get there. For more help determining how to create great signs for any of your business vehicles, call the sign experts at Grant Signs DP Industries LLC today.